Testimonials :


I first met Jack and the Swizzle Stool team at Yoga Journal Live last year. I had an opportunity to check out the product and was really blown away by the quality, intention, and multi functional ability of the stool. Not only does it serve as a great meditation and yoga prop, but it's great for my kids to sit on in and be in proper alignment when they are hanging out playing video games and watching tv. Our family loves our swizzle stool, and highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone. 


 - Pedro  


The Swizzle stool improved my Vipassana meditation experience.
I am so grateful to Jack for my Swizzle Stool. I took it to a 10-day Meditation course, where I could sit in seiza mediation pose for up to 1hr and 20 minutes at a time. It is currently my favorite meditation prop. I highly recommend it to beginners and experienced meditators alike. The cool thing is that I can use it for more than meditation! It's an excellent balance prop that challenges equilibrium and endurance.


 - Barbara  


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